[ENG]Announcement for LEX Online Fansign Event!

Thank you for participating in ONEWORLD’s event.


We have an announcement to hold LEX`s Online Fansign Event!

LEX has been active as a member of the Korean boy group BIGFLO, and has attracted attention by appearing on the program <Idol Rebooting Project: The Unit> of Korean Broadcasting System KBS.

LEX has also participated in the OST of the Chinese drama “My Poseidon” and has been active as a main DJ on Arirang Radio’s “MUSIC ACCESS” since last March.

On January 11th, LEX released his first solo single album “10&going”, and started acting on various musical works.

He is also preparing as an actor through the web drama “You Make Me Dance” scheduled to be broadcast in February 2021. That multi-talented LEX plans to have a fun and sweet time with his fans on his upcoming Online Fansign Event!

“Online Fansign Event” is an event where fans and LEX hold an autograph session online in a one-on-one, face-to-face format. Please check the following for details♪

※The number of Online Fansign Tickets is limited to [150] units.


Date and Time: Feb.20th (SAT) and 21st (SUN) 6:00 PM JST ~START

Pre-Order period: Jan.28, 2021 (THUR) 12:00 PM JST to Feb.11,2021 (THUR) 11:59 PM JST

Payment period: From Jan.28,2021 (THUR) until Feb.12,2021 (FRI)


Online Fansign Event Exclusive Merchandise:

-Online Fansign Ticket (4,000 yen)

Online Fansign (Sign from LEX on a Limited Official Photocard + Customer’s name + 1 line message) -For each purchase of an Online Fansign Ticket, the video call time with LEX  will be within 60 seconds.

※Name + Signature + Message will be written only on the front side of the Limited Official Photocard. Please note that it is not possible to fill in the backside.


Purchase of Online Fansign Ticket

Starα (Star Alpha)


Project / Sponsorship / Production: ONEWORLD Co., Ltd.

Ticket sales / Ticket Site Management: MAIN BASE Co., Ltd.

Contact Mail: contact.oneworldent@gmail.com


Contents:  LEX Online Fansign Event

■ Notes on Online Fansign Event

※For the event will be held using the web conferencing tool “ZOOM”, please be sure to check if both of your audio and camera are working properly. It is also possible to turn off the video camera on the customer’s side. (There will be support from the staff in advance, so please check the details via email after application.)

※On the day of the event, it will be proceeded by <Customer + LEX + Staff (participation only by voice guidance)>. You can choose to have an interpreter if you wish, but please note that it will not be a professional interpreter, but instead will be a “Dialogue Supporter” between the customer and LEX.

※Please participate in the event in a place and condition where you can connect to the internet stably. (PC is recommended)

※We recommend that you refrain from participating in public places, as the event will proceed like a video call.

★Mobile phone email addresses are not accepted as email addresses when applying. Please register with your PC email address. Be sure to register your PC email address in order to prevent situations such as not receiving the guidance email from us due to the email reception function settings.

★When entering the video call, please be sure to enter using a username including the “last 5 digits of your order number”. (If the order number is not stated, we may not be able to approve it.)

★★You can get an “Original selfie just for you” & “10-seconds video (video message including your name mentioned)” from LEX as a special gift if you purchase 5 Online Fansign Tickets simultaneously (4000 yen) for the same day★★

*The benefits related to simultaneous purchase privilege will be applied when you purchase 5 Online Fansign Tickets (4000 yen) at the same time. Please note that if your order is divided (or if the event is held or the date and time are different), the benefits will be invalid.

☆Applicable benefits when purchasing 5 tickets simultaneously: 1 “Original selfie just for you” + 1 “10-seconds video (video message including your name mentioned)”

PLUS!!★★Every customer who purchases an Online Fansign Ticket will receive “LEX Original Digital Poster” as a gift

*Original Digital Poster will be sent once per person.

*Simultaneously purchasing 5 Online Fansign Tickets benefits + Original Digital Poster will be sent to the customer’s LINE ID (Free calls and messages application) asked when placing an order. Please note that the delivery period is within one week after the end of the Online Fansign Event, and we will not be able to send it to any other application other than the LINE we asked for when placing an order.

*The Online Fansign Event will be progressed in order in which the orders are received. All applicants will be contacted in advance by email with details and information.


*Please be sure to check the Q&A page in advance regarding the Online Fansign Event via ONEWORLD`s OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

We will not be able to accept any inquiries related to incomplete content/information during the application, so please make sure that there is no incomplete information when applying before placing an order.

Please re-order if there is any incomplete content/information when placing an order.


***Precautions on application*** Please be sure to read.

*There is a limit of 5 tickets per customer`s order. Since there is a limit to the estimated time for proceeding with the event, we will set limited units on the “maximum number of sales” of Online Fansign Ticket. If you would like to participate, please place an order as soon as possible.

=Separately, if you place duplicate orders, you can participate more than 5 times.

*Please note that you may be asked to refrain from participating in upcoming online events if we did not receive the payment even though you have placed an order.

=If you re-order due to incomplete entries/information or if you did not receive the order confirmation email and re-order, please be sure to add that information to the remarks column when re-ordering.

**When placing an order, please type in the name you want LEX to write (nicknames other than modifiers are possible, within 6 characters in Hiragana (or Katakana), Korean (Hangeul) or Alphabet, and your LINE ID (or Skype ID if you do not have a LINE ID). LINE ID (or Skype ID) will be used to send the “ZOOM” Online Fansign Event participation URL on the day of the event.

※The name you entered will be used as the name you want LEX to write during the Online Fansign Event + the name you want LEX to mention in the 10-seconds video message of the 5 tickets purchase privilege.

Also, please enter one name for each order number placed. Please note that if you entered more than one name, the name you entered first will be written. If you did not enter your name, the sign/video message will proceed without your name written/mentioned. If you entered your name in Hangul, garbled characters may be seen during the confirmation screen, but please be assured that it will be processed properly.

*After the Online Fansign Event, the merchandise signed by LEX will be sent to the address registered in your account information in Starα. The information at the time of application will be used, and even if the information is changed after application, it will not be changed. Please be sure to confirm the shipping address in advance.

*After we receive the signed merchandise from Korea and finish inspection, please note that it may take up to a month for the autographed merchandise to be sent. Also, we will store the parcels addressed to our customers with the utmost care and deliver them, but please note that some of the signature merchandise may be broken or scratched depending on the situation of the shipping company.


Pre-Order period: Jan.28, 2021 (THUR) 12:00 PM JST to Feb.11,2021 (THUR) 11:59 PM JST

Payment period: From Jan.28,2021 (THUR) until Feb.12,2021 (FRI)


Precautions during payment transfer ***Please be sure to read.

*System usage fee (220 yen) will be charged per order.

*The system usage fee is automatically applied for the number of units purchased by the customer, and the total amount will be the payment amount.

*We do not offer any refunds due to the customer’s deficiency after application and payment.

*You will receive a confirmation email of your order from “info@staralpha.jp”. Be sure to check your email settings so that you can receive emails from “info@staralpha.jp”. This address is for sending purposes only, so we won`t be able to reply.

*After payment is completed, you will receive an email with detailed information about the event from “contact.oneworldent@gmail.com”. Be sure to check your email settings so that you can receive emails from “contact.oneworldent@gmail.com”.


[For customers who choose Credit Card payment]

*Please enter the card number, card expiration date, security code, and card name holder on the pre-order page.

*Starα uses a token authentication, so payment can be made on the order page.

*Payment will be completed when the application is completed.

*A separate payment confirmation email will not be sent. Please wait until the Online Fansign Event.


[For customers who choose PayPal payment]

For PayPal payment, click the [PayPal購入] button that appears on this screen to log in to your PayPal account and purchase, or click the [デビットカードまたはクレジットカードボタン] and enter your card information to complete your purchase.


[For customers who choose Bank Transfer]

*If you do not transfer the system usage fee, it will be considered unpaid and the payment will not be confirmed.

*When making a transfer, please be sure to make the transfer with the same name used during the pre-order application. (If the name of the pre-order application and the name used to transfer are different, it will be invalid even if the transfer is completed.)

*Please be sure to specify the last 4 digits of the pre-order number before the transfer name.

*Please be sure to transfer within the payment period. Only items for which the transfer is confirmed within the payment period will be valid in the Online Fansign Event.

*In any case, applications are invalid if the payment date confirmed in our company is over Feb.12. We will be unable to refund the application that is judged to be invalid.

=Please note that you will not be able to participate in the event even if you make a payment after the payment deadline.

*Your application will be completed when you receive the payment confirmation email. Please wait until the day of the Online Fansign Event.

*Please note that we are not responsible for the customers who are not able to join the Online Fansign Event due to inadequate payment.

*We are not responsible for any duplicate payments due to improper operation by the customer, so please be cautious when making transfers.